Ybor City

Friday, October 26, 2018 7:21 PM

The Villages to Ybor City 84-mi, 1-hr 27-min
Ocala to Ybor City 97-mi, 1-hr 47-min
Gainesville to Ybor City 130-mi, 2-hr

A day is likely not enough time
to explore the scores of shops, museums, parks, restaurants, dance clubs, coffee shops and honky-tonks tucked into the side streets of Ybor City just north of downtown Tampa. A self guided walking tour and a spin on the free old time streetcar line, lunch and a local craft beer or two will leave you promising to come back soon and bring along some friends.

    Along with the handful of small private parking lots scattered throughout the area, there are two pleasant multistory City of Tampa parking garages well located for walking about and they are easy to find again landmarks.

    Strolling down both of the two main drags, East 7th or East 9th Avenue, you will encounter street performers and live music spilling out of the the open air bars and sidewalk cafes. But the biggest show is the multicultural mix of locals and visitors alike, a peoplewatching bonanza that only a large metropolitan area can impart.  

    Ybor City’s energy is the excitement of todays trends unfolding in a latino historic district that is far from being totally gentrified. 

    This is where Tampa parties at night. If driving home after the clubs is not in your plan there is a Hampton Inn and Hilton in the neighborhood. We recently stayed at the Hampton and found it pleasant and very clean, on top of being well located. Our view of the port and downtown Tampa was a big plus.

See the video below for a walk around Ybor City near St. Petersburg, Florida.

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- Greg Madsen