Winter Park Downtown

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 1:51 AM

Worth Avenue meets Duval Street in downtown Winter Park just north of Orlando. Brick paved Spanish courtyards an cafes with winding pathways of boutiques hint that Addison Misner had a hand in this, yet an old fashioned head shop not to far down the block from Lilly Pulitzer reminds you of stumbling around Key West. This is a very cafe society little town and quiet money is the rule. Grab a table, order wine and watch the world saunter by.
    Winter Park’s classic hometown layout complete with a central park and comuter train station is anchored on the south side by Rollins College and fades into gracious blocks of architecturally correct “cottages” north of the Morse Museum.
     If shopping is your thing then you will be able to give the plastic a work out here. Pottery Barn has rejuvenated the old theatre, William Sonoma anchored a prime location in the middle of Fifth Avenue (the main drag) and a variety of small interesting retail stores including a book lovers book store on a side street. You can’t walk too far without running into a lake studed with elegant homes and even the condos are invigorating and reassuring in thier style. 
There is a lot to be said for a town with a tough architectural review board!

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- Greg Madsen