Disney Springs

Thursday, February 28, 2019 10:31 AM

The Villages to Disney Springs
    64-mi, 1-hr 17-min
Ocala to Disney Springs
    88-mi, 1-hr 25-min
Gainesville to Disney Springs
    120-mi, 2-hr

Enjoy shopping with the Disney magic. This waterfront dining, shopping and entertainment district has over fifty retailers and kiosks, entertainment venues and every kind of eatery from Sushi to a Cuban Cafe. Our group of seventeen Villagers started at the Coca-Cola store and broke into smaller groups going from store to store and then met for lunch at Ragland Road Irish Pub. Its easy to spend a day here and probably a good idea to organize the types of activities you want to do before arriving. Several conviently placed parking garages have escalators that take you directly to the fun and there is no charge for parking or entry to the entertainment area. 
    There are fifty seven restaurants listed on the site map including dining while watching a movie at the AMC theaters or having sushi while bowling. You can cruise Lake Buena Vista in an amphicar, or book a wine tasting cruise on the elegant 40-foot Italian water taxi. If you feel more adventurous, you can hover 400 feet in the air over Disney Springs in Areophile, the worlds largest tethered helium ballon.
    When visiting with your kids or grandchildren you can experience The Void, a virtual-reality walk through adventure, ride a tiny train or a take a spin on the Venetian Carousel at the Marketplace. There are lots of opportunities for great picture taking including a shot hugging the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

See the video below for a quick look at all the shopping you can do at Disney Springs in Orlando. The kids will love it here too.

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- Greg Madsen