Sun 'N Fun Fly-In

Sunday, April 7, 2019 10:56 AM

The Villages to Lakeland 74-mi, 1-hr 35-min
Ocala to Lakeland 115-mi, 1-hr 45-min
Gainesville to Lakeland 148-mi, 2-hr 15-min

Lakeland Linder International Airport, 3900 Don Emerson Drive, Lakeland, FL 33811

Sun ’N Fun Fly-In is an annual fair in April for aviation enthusiasts and thousands turn out daily at the Lakeland Regional Airport to watch the airshows and tour the exhibits. The Warbird Country section is a fun place for the kids or grandchildren with several large military aircrafts that you can tour the interiors and service members are around to answer your questions. The best place to view the airshows is from this area and there is even a nighttime show that starts at dusk and includes a light show performed by sixty sky robots.
    Just about anything that flies can be seen here from gliders to helicopters and even a section of drones. Stroll through a big grassy field filled with vintage aircraft and hear their history from the proud owners. Seaplanes and homebuilt aircraft are on display along with four hangers filled with exhibits and aircraft products. You are never far from food, drinks or restrooms. A visit to the Florida Air Museum is an intersting break from sun and heat. There is a gift shop inside the museum and several more around the campus where you can purchase models, mugs and t-shirts.   
    The airshows are what most of us look forward to and you will see some fancy flying. Our day was complete when the Blue Angels descended from all directions shaking the earth while performing thier breathtaking show. 

See some of the airshow in the video below from Lakeland, Florida - a great place to take the kids or the grandchildren.

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- Greg Madsen