Leesburg Bikefest

Saturday, May 4, 2019 8:07 AM

The Villages to Leesburg 14-mi, 24-min
Ocala to Leesburg 41-mi, 47-min
Gainesville to Leesburg 80-mi, 1-hr 45-min

Annual 3 day event in late April, no admission fee, free or nominal parking fee

Leesburg is a sleepy southern town with charming homes from all eras, an architectural history of the areas economic progression. Like many rural centers, the downtown is in the process of a gentrification after the abandonment to strip malls in the 1970s. Once a year the peace is shattered by an invasion of two wheelers. Thousands crowd the streets to view a variety of bikes on display and cruising up and down the main street.
    Bikefest shakes the pavement well into the night for three days at the end of April and includes hot body contests, stunt shows, car shows and a big rig parade of 18-wheelers. There are over fifty concerts on the large outdoor stage and at several local establishments, booths with memorabilia and of course lots of booze and food. The city offers numerous not-for-profit park and walk lots scattered along the route for five or ten dollars with proceeds going to local charities and there is plenty of free on-street parking.
    Even if you are not a motorcycle fan this is an action packed day of people watching if you can tolerate thick crowds and lots of noise. 
This video shows a bit of the action at the annual Leesburg Bikefest in North Florida, close to The Villages, Orlando and Ocala.


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- Greg Madsen